Conscious Competence in Sport and Speech

Golf ProThe late great Stephen Covey once talked about moving from Unconscious Competence (you’re good but you’re not really sure why you’re good) to Conscious Competence (you’re good because you planned it that way) **.

Recently on the golf course, I saw a change in my game. I used to swing and pray. Sometimes I’d hit the ball well – sometimes, not so much. But when I stopped to strategize exactly what outcome I wanted and how I had to hit the ball to achieve it, things started working better. This week I hit a chip shot from 3 feet off the green and rolled it about 13 feet into the cup for a birdie. I planned it, and it worked. It wasn’t just a fluke.

The same idea applies to your speech.

When you consciously craft a solid speech, and you deliver it with talent and precision – you are moving from “I’m pretty good but I’m not sure why” to “I’m great because I worked hard and crafted it that way.” Please note that I’m not saying your speech should be rigid or plastic, more like you plan great content and stories and show up authentic.


- Are you consciously competent?
- When did you last work on crafting your speech?
- When did someone from the outside help take your speech to new heights?
(Although speech coaching isn’t my wheelhouse, I do know some great coaches.)

Remember, there is no better form of marketing than a great speech.

See you soon Wealthy Speakers!

ps: To start sharpening your tools, check out The Wealthy Speaker 2.0 (which has some great
presentation tips by Victoria Labalme and our Killer Keynote Quartet

** Please note I’ve taken some creative liberty with Covey’s original idea.


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