What’s Your Definition of “Wealthy?”

Being a Wealthy Speaker may mean different things to different people. My idea of “wealthy” is making money while I sleep and travelling just a few times each year. Most of my clients, however, want to do more gigs, which means travelling more frequently.

WealthyThe first step to becoming a Wealthy Speaker is defining what “wealth” means to you and how you want to spend your time.

Developing clarity around your business model usually takes a bit of trial and error, but once you figure it out, life can be beautiful!

We’ve got so many choices on how we deliver our content: Keynotes, Training, Seminars, Workshops, Breakouts, Webinars, Books/product, Coaching, Consulting, Membership clubs, and the list goes on…

So think about it. How often do you want to travel? If you have small kids, chances are, local business or business delivered online (ie: product sales or memberships) may be your focus.  One of my clients is so fortunate to have a huge base of business within a 3 hour drive of his home. (I know we all may not be so lucky).

It may take awhile to achieve what’s perfect, but with focus, you’ll get there!

See you soon Wealthy Speakers!

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  • http://www.NoOrdinaryJourney.com Laverne Bissky

    Once my son said that it would be nice to win the lottery so we could be wealthy. Our family has visited many impoverished parts of the world and I reminded him that we are in the top 1% of the world’s population when it comes to wealth. In addition to all the food we can eat, a comfortable home and enough money to travel, as Canadians, we are wealthy because of the things that money can not buy ~ the right to vote, medical care and education. Our family IS already wealthy, it is totally a bonus that we can choose how we earn our income! Thank you for reminding all of us of the choices that we have!

  • http://awesomeimpact.com John DiMare

    Hi Jane, I have been following your teachings for some time since Dan Miller introduced you to me. You really hit the nail on the head. So often in our start up phase we want to do it all and then we wind up not doing anything. So my advice to your readers would be to start small and from a position of Strength. Wealth definitions change as you change as a person. In my 20′s Wealth equaled Money. Years later it means, Spouse, Family, Health and Relationships. I’m glad I started My business when I had some Corporate years under my belt because my expectations have changed and allow me to Serve others so much better now. If your Not growing and Changing … it looks ugly.

  • http://www.maximumimpact.ca Jamie MacDonald

    What is a wealthy speaker – someone that is generous with the audience every time they have opportunity to speak.

  • http://www.musclerepairshop.com Butch Phelps

    I will be a wealthy speaker when I can do 30 corporate gigs a year, do 2-3 TV and radio interviews weekly, and hear from 100′s of people about how I have helped them get out of pain. My dream is to reach 5 million people worldwide and help them stop their pain.

  • http://DebraJarvisFengShui.com Debra Jarvis

    Enjoyed reading thru the other comments. Thanks everyone for sharing. My definition of Wealthy is doing what I want, when I want, journeying the path of life with someone who is also doing what they want when they want and for me that means time to peruse individual as well as joint interests. It also means eating well, waking to an Ocean view, having purpose and making contribution. In terms of speaking 80 appearances/year, book sales (which means more writing time!) and employing an Admin/Manager who looks after me. It also means time with like minded people so that I continue to grow as a person and remain inspiring and empowering to my audience. :-)
    Thanks for putting up the question Jane. I’m working through a Mastermind exercise and answering your question has helped clarify my thoughts. And I agree with Dina once you are truly honest with yourself most of us are within 20% of our dream life. I think where we go wrong is when we go after what we think others will consider successful, symbols and trophies.

  • Dina Eisenberg

    Wonderful question. It’s shocking how close we can be to success if we see it differently. Most people are within 20% of their dream life. I feel successful when I can freely travel and enjoy great meals & new places. Sometimes that means a vacation in Madrid, but I’m equally happy exploring a new part if my adopted hometown of Oakland. Both make me feel great

  • http://www.dwsc.ca Denise Williams

    Wealth to me is travelling the world, with my new 4 legged furry friend and being paid to do it!! Life is about the journey!

  • http://www.cherylcran.com Cheryl Cran

    Hi Jane,
    To me a wealthy speaker is one who continues to love all of the aspects of this business.

    Wealth of desire to learn and grow and to improve
    Wealth of knowledge to share and help others
    Wealth of health to have the stamina and energy to do the job well
    Wealth of revenue to support the lifestyle that I want
    Wealth of relationships developed with amazing people
    Wealth of love and support from my family and friends
    Wealth of spiritual sustenance to stay grounded and connected

    If we were to put these on a ‘wheel’ and were to honestly chart where we are we could see the areas where we need to develop our ‘wealth’.

    Thanks for asking the question and I have a wealth of love for you!

  • http://TheMainlandGroup.com Ken Stevens

    To be a wealthy speaker, its about giving. You give a wealth of knowledge and you are a wealthy speaker.
    86 % of wealthy is healthy . With a Healthy mind, body and spirit, one has unlimited potential.
    14 % of wealthy is w. Which stands for Work. Being a wealthy speaker involves investment in yourself and your audience.
    You invest in your audience by meeting them before the speech and getting to know them by name. By working diligently to
    craft tight sentences that have no filler until the message is pure Gold. The words you share are your keys to wealth.

  • Scott

    Hi Jane, Wealthy Speaker 2.0 is loaded with new information and tips for becoming a wealthy speaker. I used your first edition, cover to cover, to create a killer business plan. I find 2.0 just as useful. Thanks

    Becoming a wealthy speaker to me is 50 payed keynotes a year at $5,000 each. On-line book and audio sales in the six figures. To be able to donate a dollar for every book sale to help people beat cancer. And have a staff member take care of administrative and booking details so I can spend my time helping my clients, their people and their business or organizaton conquer challenges with confidence. Also, more control of my own time. And more time with my wife and kids.

  • http://www.speakerlauncher.com jane

    Sounds like you are moving in the right direction Kristina, keep up the good work!

  • http://www.speakerlauncher.com jane

    Okay, Linda. Now you are making me hungry! Well said.

  • http://Www.lindaedgecombe.com Linda Edgecombe

    I have always said I will know I am wealthy/successful when I order what I really want in a restaurant and not look at prices first. Crab and Lobster here I come!

  • http://KristinaCrowley.com Kristina Crowley

    Being a ‘Wealthy’ in a career way means to me: Making the great living of my dream. Speaking in front of groups 20+ times a year. Having a great online presence including great website sales and lots of listener and subscribers to my podcast.

    Being ‘Wealthy’ in my personal life means to me: Having great close relationships and a great home with all the things I love.

    I am on my way to that, but I also understand how dreams change for the better as we grow.