Brand Part II: Exploiting Your Brand

When you develop a strong brand, one that is sticky (ie., people will remember it) you’ll want to splash it everywhere!

Here are some tips for exploiting your brand:

1. EMAIL: Using a Gmail (or heaven forbid an AOL) email address instead of your or your is missing an opp.

Every time people see your e-mail address, you have an opportunity to promote your name or your brand.


2. PRESENTATION TITLES: Imagine that you are hired by ABC Association to deliver a keynote.

Chances are ABC Association is going to promote that keynote for many months leading up. Imagine that the 500 or 5000 members of that association see your presentation title (which happens to be your brand) on several occasions. By calling your presentation something generic, you have lost this opportunity.

EXAMPLE: The Wealthy Speaker Seminar vs. Get Rich Speaking Seminar

3. BLOG/SOCIAL MEDIA: By using your brand in your Blog title and Social Media page titles, you are continuing to hammer away at your visibility.

EXAMPLE: Jim Harvey’s Presentation Skills Blog vs. Jim Harvey’s Blog

By exploiting our brands, we are one step closer to becoming known in our market and being positioned beautifully when our topic is needed.

See you soon Wealthy Speakers!

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  • Hannah

    Hi Jane,

    Great advice, and I was very surprised to see our blog as an example! (Thought I was going a bit crazy to be honest…)

    I’m in the middle of writing an article on branding – I’ll be sure to link here from within it!

    I especially agree with the first point – seeing somebody using an @gmail email address screams amateur to me and most corporate types.

    Happy Thanksgiving!