How Will You Measure Success in 2013?

Late last year I became involved with Dan Sullivan’s Strategic Coach program (even a coach needs a coach).

One of the things that struck me was Dan’s take on recognizing achievement.

The theory is that while some people look backwards to see how far they have come, others look forward towards their big goal and never really feel satisfied (because there is always more to do).

Let’s say you have a goal to speak 50 times a year and you’re sitting with 25 engagements on the board. Do you focus on the fact that you booked 25 or that you still haven’t achieved 50?

Which one are you?

I know that I have the ability to look at things from the negative standpoint. Years ago one of my speakers got 200 great evaluations and 2 negative, and I honed in on the negative.

So I’m working on that!

After reviewing last year’s Wealthy Speaker University launch, I successfully graduated nearly 30 people. But 2 people dropped out half way through the year. So my goal? It’s to focus on those 30 graduates and the fact that two years earlier, the University didn’t even exist. I must focus on what was accomplished and how far I have

(BTW, We still have a few spots in the University which starts next week).

Q. When measuring success, will you focus on how far you have come or the vast distance between you and your ultimate aspiration?

By focusing on your achievements, both big and small, you will find that you are happier and more committed to success in the future.

See you soon Wealthy Speakers!

PS: The Wealthy Speaker University has 5 spots left in the Master program and 6 spots left in the Bachelors program. Click Here To learn more……

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