Are You Having a Mid-life Business Crisis?

It’s not uncommon for us to look outside the walls of our business and wish we were somewhere else.

This is certainly what led to my own Mid-Life Business Crisis (MLBC).

After 15 years in the speaking industry, I thought “hey, I should do something different”. That was what led me to believe that I could indeed straddle two lanes (which I could not) and write the Frog book.

The Frog Whisperer: A 3-Step Approach to Finding Lasting Love was born out of crisis. I really wanted a change of scenery. But as I wrote in detail in The Wealthy Speaker 2.0 – it was a big mistake! A big lesson which led me back to my
earlier premise that you can’t straddle two lanes and do it well. (Plus, you need to have a pre-existing fan base in order to sell books).

For details of my brilliant MLBC mistake, check out Chapter 2 in The Wealthy Speaker 2.0.

So what’s my advice for people who are looking for a change?

Try to find it within your niche. Starting something from scratch is a tough, uphill battle and many of us (sorry) don’t have the youthful energy to pull it off. When you play within your umbrella, change is easier!

My friend Joe Calloway has had a crisis or two in his thirty years in the speaking industry. We’re
going to talk about reinvention, crisis and how to move through this business with grace in our teleclass next week.

Join us for: Becoming A Category of One
Date: Thursday, January 24, 2013
Time: 1-2pm Eastern

Admission is free for Wealthy Speaker book buyers, University members and clients.


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  • Janet Rouss

    Well written and thank you for your vulnerability in putting it out there.
    I’ve spend the last few years trying to reinvent myself and now I’m back to what I’m truly and expert in. Branding!
    As much as I’ve fought it after 25+ years in the ad biz. It’s what I know and know really well. So I’ve just reinvented how I’m doing my business and going deeper than I ever have before. Why go wide, when you can go deep!!