Trading Time for Coffee

The coaching program that I’m involved in this year has really got me working hard to value my time, and to recognize when I’m spending it poorly.

Are you spending your time effectively?

For instance, you’ve been around the block in the speaking industry and emerging speakers are calling (for some of you, weekly) to ask if you will have a coffee with them to help them get launched.

Is this a good use of your time?

I’m all for mentoring, but I think you have to be realistic about how much you can do.

Many people, because they get so many calls, start to think, “hey, I should get into the speaker mentoring business”. But as most will tell you after an attempt, your time is much better spent booking high fee engagements.

So let me give you an easy strategy. (And put in a little plug for myself at the same time).

When responding to the coffee request – “I’d love to have coffee, however, I do get many requests and can only take on 2 mentorships per year. But I would like to help, so let me recommend a good book and a coach who specializes in exactly what you need.”

And then you give them a link to and The Wealthy Speaker 2.0.

(This book was written for this exact purpose, why reinvent the wheel?)

COACHES QUESTION: Be thinking about how much time you are spending on non-revenue generating tasks.  Can you delegate them or farm them out?


See you soon Wealthy Speakers!

PS: Did you know that I have two ways of saying thank you for referrals?

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