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We’ve dropped links to access the program in your inbox. But first I wanted to let you know there’s a special offer: you can join the $100k Club today for just $1 (… usually $195 to join…)

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The $100k Club

Great! You’ve joined the Wealthy Speaker School.

You now have a roadmap that will help you go out there and build a successful speaking business much faster than you would trying to figure things out yourself.

Before you dive into the program, I want to tell you about the $100k Club. My online group coaching program. 

When you use this resource alongside the Wealthy Speaker School, you’ll earn your first $100k much sooner.

And for just $1 today, you can join the $100k Club and…

— Learn exactly what 6 and 7 figure speakers did to reach that level, when you attend my bi-monthly group coaching sessions.

— Join coach Jen McDonough’s weekly group coaching calls for emerging speakers.

— Join like-minded speakers and coaches in the Facebook Community. We’re very active. You’ll be able to ask questions, get support and network. 

— Gain access to a library of masterclasses (worth $495) and learn how to create your virtual revenue stream, how to work with speaker bureaus, how to master social media, and many more topics.

SPECIAL OFFER: You can try the $100k Club for 30 days for just $1 (the membership usually starts at $195/month).

After 30 days, you’ll be automatically rolled into the ongoing membership for $195/month – unless you cancel your membership within the 30 days.

What Does It Mean To Be A $100k Club member?

When you join the $100k Club, you gain direct access to me, Jen and our associate coaches. 

Jane Atkinson

Advanced Speaker Coach

Jen McDonough

Emerging Speaker Coach

Learn from the best...

The Coaches Putting You on the Fast Track

Darryl Stinson

Associate Coach - Finding Your Story

Jennifer Darling

Associate Coach - Mastering Social Media

Frank Somma

Associate Coach - Sales with Charisma

Here's What You get

Bi-Monthly Group Coaching Sessions With Me

If you want tactics that will help you go from professional speaker to superstar, you'll love my bi-monthly coaching sessions.

How do you go from charging $1.5k to $7.5k to $30k per speech?

How do you create systems that allow you to work less and make more?

How do you create passive income streams?

You can expect to learn all that and more when you join the $100k Club.

Weekly Group Coaching Sessions With Jen McDonough

You also get weekly group coaching sessions with Jen McDonough (aka Iron Jen).

She'll give you advice based on what helped her quit her job and build a 6-figure speaking business.

How I should price myself and structure contracts?

What if there is a lot of competition in my industry?

What am I supposed to do when (INSERT WHATEVER PROBLEM)?

Jen will answer those questions in the weekly group calls.

Wealthy Speaker School Online Community

Imagine having full support from a community of speakers who're going through the same journey as you are.

The $100k Club gives you access to our vibrant Wealthy Speaker School Facebook Community.

You can ask questions about finding gigs, building your brand, preparing for a speech...

Both coaches and students will do their best to help. ​

Wealthy Speaker - MasterClass Training

And Monthly Guest Expert Masterclasses

There are a lot of moving pieces that go into building a successful speaking career and, you need to be on top of all of them. It’s not easy.

That’s why every month I invite experts in sales, marketing, presenting, and business planning.

They join me in live masterclasses and share their knowledge with you.

Keep in mind, if you wanted to hire these experts yourself, it’d cost you a pretty penny.

And the best part is…

When you join the $100k Club, you get the access to the library of past masterclasses.  Among them, lessons on…

How to build a brand on social media (… and use it to expand your reach to thousands of people…)

How to prepare and deliver presentations that move audiences.

How to create a strong sales pipeline, that gets you speaking gigs consistently.

And much more…

This library alone is valued at $495, and you get it FREE as a bonus when you join the $100k Club.

Join The $100k Club

Gain immediate access to our online Facebook speaking community.

Browse through the library of masterclasses and learn from experts in sales, marketing, presentations and business.

Get coached directly by a team that has helped with thousands of speakers just like you build, grow and scale their speaking businesses.

Speed up your growth by combining what you learn in the Wealthy Speaker School with all the benefits of the $100k Club membership.

You Get It All For A Full 30 Days For Just $1

After 30 days, you’ll be automatically rolled into the ongoing membership for $195/month – unless you cancel your membership within the 30 days.