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3-Step Process My Students Use To Go From Emerging Speakers Struggling To Find And Book Paid Gigs...
To In-Demand Experts Paid $5k Or More Per Speech

3-Step Process My Students Use To Go From
Emerging Speakers Struggling To Find And Book Paid Gigs...
To In-Demand Speakers Paid $5k Or More Per Speech

You'll Learn...

  1. How to get your speaking career off the ground using the same “Ready-Fire-Aim” approach my students have used to build 6 and 7 figure speaking businesses.
  3. What it takes to earn your first $100k in public speaking (… it’s not as impossible as it sounds once you have a proven roadmap…)
  5. What to do if you’re struggling to “pick a lane” (… by the end of this webinar you’ll be more clear on that than you’ve ever been…)

Your Host...

jane atkinson, the Speaker Launcher


Jane Atkinson here!

I’ve helped thousands of speakers take their careers and businesses to the level and I can tell you, with no shadow of doubt, every top professional speaker – yes, even the ones you look up to, with millions of followers, millions of speeches and millions of millions ($) – started from nothing.

Just like you, they might have… 

Dreamed of speaking on stage for a living… 

Struggled to find paid gigs… 

Wondered if they have what it takes to establish themselves as experts…

But it doesn’t have to be that way. Getting a speaking career off the ground DOESN’T have to feel like an uphill battle.

With the right information, you can get rid of all the “unknowns” and finally have a clear roadmap to take action on and make your speaking dreams come true.

That’s why Jen (you’ll learn more about her in a second) and I decided to put together this FREE webinar.

We’ll show you…

– How to gain the confidence to dictate your fees and how to handle pushback from clients. 

– How to craft a memorable promise statement that strikes a chord with your target audience.

– How to build a speaking business that gives you the freedom to pick-and-choose where and when you want to speak.

And we’ll walk you through my ‘Ready, Aim, Fire’ approach. 

It’s the same approach I teach students in the Wealthy Speaker School, my online program, and it’s the same approach some of my clients have used to build 6 and 7 figure speaking businesses. 

Clients such as (below) Jacob Green, Kindra Hall, Orlando Bowen, John Westhaver, Pamela Barnum and Ryan Estis.

Click the button below and access the webinar right now.

Jane Atkinson

30+ Year Speaking Industry Veteran


Learn From A Six-Figure Speaker

Jen "The Iron Jen" McDonough

Just few years ago Jen was toiling away at her “soul-sucking” job. 

Maybe you can relate…

She was delivering speeches here and there, but she just couldn’t figure out how to get paid for them. 

Jen went through the Wealthy Speaker School and it all clicked for her. Since, she has quit her “soul-sucking-job” and built a thriving speaking business earning top dollar for her time on the stage.

Now she helps high-stress organizations develop courageous leaders through resilience, and she works with me a coach in the Wealthy Speaker School.

Jen will be sitting alongside me for this webinar. There’s a lot you can learn from who has been exactly where you are and knows what to look out for on your way to speaking business success, don’t you think?


Where's The Money In Public Speaking?

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This one-page sheet will help you come up with unlimited ideas on where to find public speaking gigs in your industry.

This comes in handy if you think your market is saturated…