[Podcast] 3 Keys to Getting Paid to Speak with Jen McDonough

By Jane Atkinson

There are 3 keys to getting paid to speak; so…where do I start? Maybe you want to speak to promote some other service or product that you offer. Or, maybe you want the bulk of your income to come through speaking. Either way, this is the episode for you. Jen McDonough (Aka The Iron Jen) is back for another foundational episode. Along the way, Jen shares some of what she’s done to catapult her speaking career. This episode is boiled down to 3 key points!

[Tweet ““A brand is like a book title, a promise statement is like a subtitle.” – Jen McDonough”]

Topics Discussed:

[1:03] Jane revisits the Ready Aim Fire Formula

[2:29] Three steps for speakers who are getting started…

[6:12] STEP 1: Pick a lane. Jane talks about how Patricia Fripp elevated her speaking career by shifting from a wide to narrow focus.

[8:50] Jen shares how she picked her lane.

[12:57] There can be a real fear in picking a lane.

[14:46] Answering these questions will help you pick a lane.

[16:58] STEP 2: Establish your promise statement.

[17:27] “A brand is like a book title, a promise statement is like a subtitle.”

[18:18] Make your promise statement about THEM.

[19:34] Keep it short and sweet.

[20:00] Swap out the everyday language for alluring, fascinating, and thought-provoking words. (We have word-finder that might help you!)

[22:39] STEP 3: Develop an epic keynote. There’s no better form of marketing than an epic speech.

[23:52] 3- it’s the magic number! What is your 3-part formula for your keynote?

[25:00] Have an opening story, 3 key points, and a closing story.  

[27:21] Jen talks about the hard work she put into her epic keynote.

[30:09] What did Jen do to infuse some humor into her presentations?

PS- The name that Jane was blanking on is her guest from episode 15, Michelle Villalobos (sorry Michelle!)

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