3 Tips for Seasoned Speakers PLUS February 2 Teleclass

By Jane Atkinson

You’ve been around the block.

You’ve seen many things come and go from our industry.  Perhaps you’ve been through business ups, business downs, stage bombs, reinvention, burnout….and back again.

So what’s next?  How do you kick 2015 into gear?  Here are 3 tips for Becoming A Category of One in 2015:

1.  REINVENTION, A MUST.  If two or more years have passed and you haven’t updated your brand, your message or your marketing, you might be in need of a makeover.  My friend and biz partner Joe Calloway just went through his bazillionth (yep, I made that word up) reinvention.

Once again, Joe tossed out all of his speech materials and created something brand new for his market. (I’m thinking the content is solid since he delivered it during a 27 city tour for one of America’s largest banks.)

We’ll talk more about this during our Becoming A Category of One in 2015 Teleclass on Monday, February 2 at 1pm ET.

Joe Calloway says this:

“Reinvention is no longer something you do every four or five years.  In a marketplace that changes constantly, reinvention has to be a part of what you do every day.  If you stop reinventing you become irrelevant.  Become irrelevant and your career is over.”

2.  REVISIT THE PRODUCT.  Your #1 form of marketing is a great speech. You might say, “but my speech is terrific, people love it”. And if you are booked solid, then that might be good for now.  But the speech, your product, should always be evolving.

3.  EXAMINE YOUR PROCESS.  How do you move through a presentation from the sale to completion in a way that gets you asked back again and again?

Ryan Estis says this:

“Giving an epic keynote is no longer enough.  Clients have elevated expectations around the entire “experience” and it needs to be executed flawlessly, from the initial inquiry to delivering reinforcement and support long after the meeting ends. 

[Tweet “Every touch point with a customer is an opportunity to advance a relationship, add value and earn a commitment.”]

That is why it pays to “brand the client experience.”  Creating an identity and process around the total customer experience that you can execute consistently will make an impact and keep clients coming back for more.”

It can be difficult to keep momentum going when you’ve been in one business for 30 years, but Joe Calloway has figured it out.

Seasoned speakers, please join us:


February 2nd at 1pm ET
Becoming a Category of One in 2015

See you soon, Wealthy Speakers!


PS: If you have tips for thriving as a seasoned speaker, please share them here on our blog.

PPS: During our class, we’ll tell you more about our Masters Platinum Program which launches with a retreat in Atlanta in March!