5 Tips to Getting Paid What You Are Worth

By Jane Atkinson

Are you getting paid what you are worth on the platform?

Although I cannot say I’ve ever experienced it myself, we know that inequality still exists in the work world.  Like it or not, the pie is not exactly divided equally when speakers are hired.  It’s no secret, for instance, that women and minorities often get hired less than middle-aged white guys. (Let’s say this is just my opinion since I haven’t been able to find stats.)

My belief is that some people may have to work harder to claim their share of the pie.  And the fees they deserve.  But, is it possible?  Absolutely–there are speakers out there who are kicking butt and taking names.  Fee has become a non-issue.  So I know it can be done.

If you have struggled to get paid what you are worth, here are a few suggestions:

  • Work on the inside game – if you don’t value what you offer, then it could lead to struggle.  Our inner gremlin is constantly bickering at us that we aren’t good enough. Put in place structures that help silence that subconscious critic.
  • Work your content – you might need to up< your game in order to get paid more – dig deeper into your content, make it richer and more impactful.
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    For more on this, check out The Epic Keynote.

  • Work your platform – when brilliant content is delivered with style and skill, epic is achieved.
  • Be Authentic – being true to oneself is so important and finding our way to our authentic self can take some time. Don’t rush it.
  • Be in business – take your business seriously. Whether you are full time or part time, this is a business, not a hobby. You need to invest in it and in yourself if you are going to succeed. I’m all about running your business with an endgame in mind. For me that is a very balanced lifestyle, but I don’t think anyone would ever accuse me of playing it small and safe. If you are really determined to be successful, then set out your strategy and go for it!
  • Expect It: expect no limits.
    • Expect that you’ll get paid as high as your counterparts.
    • Expect that you’ll get hired as often as your counterparts.
    • Expect that you will deliver the epic keynote.
    • Expect that your career will soar.

There are some terrific confidence builders and examples of people who have carved out an excellent career in my newest book, The Epic Keynote.

What have you found to be key when claiming your spotlight? Let us know in the comments.

See you soon wealthy speakers!