90 Days to Catapult Your Business….Really?

By Jane Atkinson

I am not a fan of “get rich quick” schemes!

Most of them tell you that you will have all of these amazing results without lifting a finger. Well, that’s just nonsense. You have to do the work

So what does it take to have true success in our industry?

Success in speaking is a series of strategic moves that, when done properly and consistently, result in business growth.

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In our 90 Day online learning program, we walk you through these strategic moves. You’ll go step-by-step through the Ready, Aim, Fire process that is the foundation for wealthy speakers. And the brilliant thing…you can do it on your own timeline. Walk through the program as fast as 90 days, or take 6 months if you like! If you are balancing a day job while launching a career, you’ll be glad to have the flexibility.


Through a recently updated series of audio and video recordings, coupled with book and workbook exercises, here’s what we’ll cover:

Module #1 – Picking a Lane that will pay off. Take the pain out of choosing how to position that you can get booked!

Module #2 – Creating a Great Promise Statement (and/or Brand) that will sell. The right language will make all the difference!

Module #3 – Building Websites that Sell. Avoid mistakes that will cost you time & money and get your site working effectively.

Module #4 – Delivering a Killer Keynote. Crafting a speech that rocks IS your best form of marketing.

Module #5 – Setting and Negotiating Fees. Three steps that will take your fee to higher levels and get you paid in full.

Module #6 – Technology Tools for Sales and Marketing. Put systems in place that will allow your business to grow rapidly.

Module #7 – Selling to Decision Makers and Meeting Planners. The inside track on how to get booked again and again.

Module #8 – Developing Product – Getting that Book in Print. Once booked, you can triple your fee with product sales.

Module #9 – Developing Your Rock Star Demo Video. Show your prospects exactly what they need to see to secure the gig.

Module #10 – Hiring the Team that Will Help You Reach Your Goals. Who are the key players to implement your strategy?

There are two MAJOR BONUSES. You’ll get a Focus 40 session with me (a 40 minute private coaching session by phone or Skype) plus the entire Wealthy Speaker 2.0 system (book, workbook, audio, etc).

Check out this page with all of the details and let us know if you have any questions – be sure to check out the free webinar in the top right corner of the page: