The Email Marketing Blueprint for Speakers with Nathan Littleton

email marketing for speakers with Jane Atkinson and Nathan Littleton

Is your email marketing creating business for you? Join me to hear Nathan Littleton share his proven formula to ensure your emails get opened and clicked through!

4 Surefire Ways to Build Your Marketing List (and a Few Do’s and Don’ts)

build your marketing list

Having direct conversations with both your existing and potential customers is still one of the best ways to grow your business. That’s why one of the most important marketing aspects of any business, including a speaking business, is to build your marketing list. Why is having a marketing list so important?  Well, the ability to […]

Crafting the Perfect Promise Statement for Marketing Your Speaking Business

crafting the perfect promise statement

The Promise Statement. Those of you in my community know that I talk about the importance of a perfect promise statement often. It is, after all, essential for effectively marketing your speaking business and getting people to understand exactly who you are and what you’ll deliver. A promise statement is not a new marketing idea […]

Marketing is Not One Size Fits All

Marketing is Not One Size Fits All

One of the most interesting people I’ve ever met is Ken Salyer. He’s a doctor, a craniofacial surgeon and travels the world with his foundation WorldCF helping children and changing lives. He is also a wonderful speaker whose story includes being a young surgeon in Dallas when President John F. Kennedy was brought in after being […]

[Podcast] 15 Marketing Initiatives to Book More Business

15 Marketing Initiatives to Book More Speaking Business

I recently received an email from Betsy Allen that asked a question about marketing initiatives that I get all the time: “What income generating marketing activities should I be doing on a daily basis to get more speaking business?” In episode #61 of The Wealthy Speaker Podcast, I’m answering this question and sharing 15 Marketing […]

[Podcast] Marketing Strategies to Book More Business with Carolyn Crummey

podcast marketing strategies carolyn crummey

I think one thing anyone reading this article can agree on is that developing effective marketing strategies for your speaking business is essential for finding and securing new prospects and clients. So, let me ask you this: Do you have effective marketing strategies in place and are they doing what you want them to do? […]

To Get More Speaking Gigs Do You Fix the Speech or Marketing?

speaking gigs

A week or so ago I asked this question on Facebook about getting new speaking gigs: If you weren’t getting the bookings that you wanted, would you a) work on the speech or b) work on the marketing? I was interested to see all of the different answers and here’s my answer. It depends. I’m […]

15 Marketing Initiatives to Consider For Your Speaking Business

marketing initiatives

Last week I went to my quarterly coaching session. It is a business tune-up, which I love, and the topic we concentrated on was marketing. Our instructor asked a question, “How good are you at marketing?”  I thought to myself, “I think I do pretty well in this area.” When comparing notes with my classmates, […]

The Best Marketing Move I Ever Made

best marketing move

We have been talking a lot about lead generation and lists lately. Here’s the thing: your list is either working for you, or it’s not. You either have people who are actively engaging with you and your content (they open emails, click on links and send respond via email or social networks), or you have […]

4 Marketing Essentials to Ensure Your Positioning Isn’t Costing You Gigs

marketing essentials for a speaking business

I have clients who are successful not because of their marketing, but in spite of it. The crazy thing is that even though they are positioning themselves as speakers rather than experts, and they lack a strong promise statement on their website (which is cluttered and unclear) they still get business. Guess what. They are […]

Best Practices in Permission Marketing: How to Follow the Law & Respect Your Clients

Permission Marketing - How to Follow the Law and Respect Your Clients

Social media and email broadcasting have changed over the past few years, giving business owners who maintain an online presence so much to think about. Should I have a Facebook business page?  Should I start a Facebook group?  How often should I email prospective clients – and how often is too much? These questions aside, […]

What is ‘Be Awesome’ Marketing?

I’ve been talking about it for years – your presentation being your #1 form of marketing. If every speech is leading to more business (there will be some exceptions), then the strategy of ‘be awesome’ marketing is at work. If people are talking about how other conferences “must book you as their speaker”, then ‘be […]