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Join The Wealthy Speaker U for a one-of-a-kind weekend acceleration experience. Coach Jane Atkinson has partnered with her most successful clients and will help you map out your strategy for moving to $1 million and creating the life you deserve

Are you ready... to level up your speaking business, sharpen your platform skills, and create demand like you've never had before?

Are you prepared... to start earning the fees you deserve?

Are you committed... to breaking through (and beyond) the million dollar mark?  

If you answeredYES , then you'll want to register NOW!  

This conference offers you an authentic, no 'BS' approach to the speaking business. We’ll share what works, what doesn’t and help you apply it to your business plan to get results more quickly. 

We’re not holding anything back!!

Jane Atkinson


Ryan catapulted his speaking business from zero to a million inside 4 years, and we’re going to break down that journey and teach you how to replicate it.  

After a successful corporate career, Ryan entered this industry in the middle of the great recession. His non-traditional approach helped him accelerate quickly to one of the most in-demand sales and leadership keynote speakers on the platform today. His only regret? Not getting here sooner!  

“We are going to deliver the weekend program I wish would have been available to me when entering the industry. Had it been, I would have avoided some of the growing pains and arrived at the $1M pinnacle a lot sooner! We will detail all of the common mistakes and missteps to avoid and provide a clear path to achieve sustainable platform success. If speaking is your business, this weekend is going to ensure you accelerate the growth of that business. Period.”  

 - Ryan Estis

Ryan Estis

If you think ACCELERATE LIVE 2017 is going to be talking about old school techniques, think again. Ryan is proof positive that you can grow a speaking business in any economy if you follow the new formula for success.  

And as if that wasn’t enough…  


Kindra Hall has become one of the most buzzed about and in-demand speakers on the circuit, and she achieved it in less than three years.  

Kindra will share how you can create more demand for yourself and what it takes to translate that demand into higher speaking fees quickly. She will also share her expertise and message on foolproof storytelling strategies that will ensure your speech is of the highest quality.  

Kindra Hall

“Effective storytelling is an advantage in any business, but when it comes to the business of public speaking, the advantages of harnessing your stories is greater than anywhere else. The ability to use compelling stories both on the stage and in marketing is an extreme accelerator for speakers. Hone it, and business grows faster than you can imagine. Trust me. I know from experience. I'm thrilled to be a guest speaker at the Accelerate Live 2017 event: to share my story expertise, my own story of growing a speaking business with extreme speed and to learn from the best."

 - Kindra Hall  


Seth Mattison


Seth Mattison is 7-figure speaker and Internationally renowned expert, author and futurist. As Co-Founder and Chief Movement Officer of Luminate Labs, Seth advises many of the world’s leading brands and organizations on the key shifts happening around talent management, change and innovation, leadership, and the future of work.

Diane Goodman


Diane Goodman, CMP, is president and founder of The Goodman Speakers Bureau, Inc., and GSB Speaker Management. She founded Goodman Speakers Bureau nearly 40 years ago where she works closely with meeting professionals to secure speakers, entertainers, thought leaders, futurists, authors, celebrities, and sports personalities.

Kris Young


As Director of Speakers & Entertainment, Kris Young works to create experiences that strengthen the relationships between brands and the people who matter most to them. Kris was named the National Speakers Association Meeting Partner of the Year. Kris is also coauthor of Never by Chance: Aligning People and Strategy Through Intentional Leadership.

Over the weekend, you are going to learn what works in today’s business climate to build a million dollar speaking business.  

Jane Atkinson will share the foundations of marketing and positioning that helped put Ryan, Kindra, and thousands of other speakers on the map.  

Jane and Ryan’s team leaders (Carolyn Crummey and Lynn Mandinec) will share valuable tools for creating more effective sales and marketing systems. Our all-hands-on-deck Q&A sessions will allow you to ask questions of our road warriors and the people who got them there.  

We’ll share valuable insights, providing these takeaways on how to:  

  • Raise your game on the platform (your #1 form of marketing) 
  • Sharpen your stories and deepen your content to ensure repeat business
  • Position as an expert in the eyes of decision makers to command higher fees 
  • Understand the key drivers in competitive keynote speaker selection 
  • Develop powerful negotiation tactics to ensure you can position and maintain fee integrity 
  • Streamline your marketing messages and social media
  • Focus your business model toward revenue streams with the highest payoff 
  • Advance your daily success habits 
  • Design sales process and protocols to ensure a healthy pipeline 
  • Develop pre-event planning and post-event after care programs that deliver value and drive demand for future business  
  • Create a staffing model that enables you to dedicate your time to high value activities  
  • Build community around your content marketing to remain relevant 
  • Create systems and content that earn repeat business  
  • Play big by building high-impact processes and practices into your business today
  • Move quickly toward your Million Dollar Business and beyond!  


Jane Atkinson


Jane Atkinson has been helping speakers catapult their businesses for nearly 30 years. First as an agent, she represented some of speaking's superstars, moving them quickly to high demand at higher fees.  

Later, Jane went on to work the exclusives division of a Texas speakers bureau representing celebrities and best-selling authors. Jane’s time at the bureau allowed her a birds eye view of how to gain (or lose) the attention of decision makers.  

Over the last decade, as a coach, Jane has designed systems and strategies for speakers that are proven to work. Her books, The Wealthy Speaker 2.0 and The Epic Keynote are known as “the bibles” of the speaking industry and follow concrete steps to acceleration. Her newest release, The Wealthy Speaker Daily Success Planner & Journal, will be hot off the press as a bonus for Accelerate 17 attendees.  

Ryan Estis


Ryan Estis understands the challenges business leaders and top performers face because he’s been in their shoes. He spent 15 years helping companies connect with employees and customers as an ad agency executive. 

Eight years ago, he decided to put that experience into practice as a speaker and consultant. He travels all over the world, getting an inside look at what the world’s best companies do differently. Ryan shares that insight with leaders and top performers, helping them initiate change, improve performance and deliver growth. 

Ryan has been recognized as one of “the best keynote speakers ever heard” by Meetings & Conventions magazine. His ideas have been featured in Forbes, Inc., Fast Company and Entrepreneur magazines.  

His clients include AT&T, Motorola, Mastercard, Adobe, MassMutual, the National Basketball Association, and many more. 

Kindra Hall


Kindra knows the challenges executives, top performers and brands experience as they try to capture attention in a crowded marketplace. Kindra has been a Vice President of Sales for a multi-million dollar enterprise, national champion storyteller, 2014 Storytelling World Award recipient, a former board member of the National Storytelling Network, and she earned her Master’s Degree in Organizational Communication and Management conducting original research that examined the role of storytelling in organizational socialization.  

Kindra has worked with innovative brands like ConAgra, Stryker, Rodan & Fields and Hilton Hotels to use the irresistible power of storytelling to capture attention and connect in a distracted marketplace. 

Kindra has become a conference favorite for her clients who invite her back for consecutive annual events. Her presentations include revealing research, eye-opening case studies and, of course, stories attendees will remember and retell long after the event ends. Audiences leave inspired and motivated to apply Kindra’s actionable content.

Your Investment

We are offering this one-of-a-kind event at one low price for everyone. No VIP's. No sponsors. No early birds. Just one price for everyone who is ready to catapult their revenue.


Here's what you get with your registration:

  • An action-packed weekend of learning from the industries hottest speakers and the coach that got them there
  • A proven step-by-step approach to leveling up your business
  • Saturday breakfast and lunch included
  • Networking and cocktail party Saturday evening
  • The Wealthy Speaker 2.0 softcover book 
  • The Wealthy Speaker workbook
  • The Epic Keynote softcover book
  • Hot Off the Press! The Wealthy Speaker Daily Success Planner & Journal (Hardcover)
  • Access to the Accelerate LIVE '17 private Facebook group
  • BONUS #1: The Wealthy Speaker Guided Meditation (download)
  • BONUS #2: The Epic Keynote Playbook (download)
  • BONUS #3: Walk away with your personal "90 Day Acceleration Roadmap" (hardcopy) 


**Agenda is subject to change; we'll be tweaking it right up to our start time.

Friday, November 17 2pm to 6pm


Positioning for Success, Business Models 

Sucess Story #1: Jumpstart to $1M  

How to Avoid Mistakes that Cost Time and Money

Managing Growing Pains

Business Models and Your Path to a Million and Beyond

Positioning as an Expert for Higher Fees

Success Story #2: Quick Start to Breakthrough 

Target Market Approach and Best Practices

Putting Your Team Together for Best Results

Audience Q&A with Ryan and Kindra 

Saturday, November 18 9am to 5pm


Presentations, Effective Marketing, Sales Pipelines, Closing Business

 Sharpening Your Story  

Moving Your Presentation Towards Epic for Higher Fees

Pre- and Post-Engagement Customer Retenton Strategies  

Channel Support Marketing Systems: Content and Techniques that Work 

Maintaining Relevance for Long Term Success 

Next Level Sales Techniques that Work

Understanding Decision Makers 

Creating Videos that Sell 

Creating a Social Media and Sales Engine 

Building Community and Maintaining the Brand

Raising Your Fees Fearlessly 

Making Your CRM Work for You

The Best Practices to Close More Business

Inside the Mind of the Modern Day Bureau Agent and Meeting Planner

Sunday, November 19 9am to 12pm


Rollout Marketing Strategies and Million Dollar Success Tips 

Q&A Session: Learning from the Experts and the Teams Behind Them

Setting up Marketing Systems that Work

Proven Roll Out Strategies 

Moving Your Brand Forward through Streamlined Messaging

Recovering from Setbacks and Keeping Confidence Strong  

Creating PR Opportunities  

Maintaining Your Health and Balance on the Road  

Success Rituals to Move to Millions

Who Do You Need on Your Team?

Action Planning: Mapping Out Your Next Steps  


JW Marriott Minneapolis, Mall of America

2141 Lindau Lane, Minneapolis, MN 55425

Phone: 612-615-0100

The Accelerate LIVE 2017 conference will be held at the luxury JW Marriott Hotel in the heart of the vibrant Mall of America in Minneapolis.

We have secured a special room rate of $149/night. A booking link will be provided when you register for the program.

More about the venue


What level of speaker will benefit the most from the Accelerate LIVE 17 weekend?  

If you currently have a speaking business or are 100% committed to getting into the speaking business and doing the hard work that is needed to get to a million dollar business, then this weekend event is for you. Simply put, anyone that wants to get paid to speak and really build a 'million $$ business' will win sitting in the room.

Bottom line: if you want to speak for a living, you should come. If you are hungry, you should come. If you want to learn how to build a $1M dollar business from people who have done it, you should come. 

How will this program compare to other events that I might attend?  

Unlike what you might get with other events, we will be sharing with you powerful techniques and tactics from people who are out speaking on the front lines every day. People who have, or are on track, to building a Million Dollar speaking business.

We've designed this event so that you can go deep with our guest experts and really understand how their business models work and why they have jetted towards that $1M mark so quickly. And you’ll have face time with our experts, without an extra charge. You’ll also get Wealthy Speaker tools and tactics by Jane Atkinson that have put thousands of speakers on the path to wealthy. Jane has 30 years of experience catapulting speakers, and she’ll share with you what works and what doesn’t in the speaking industry.  

At Accelerate Live 2017 we will talk about fees, best practices, and all of the taboo topics that might be off-limits at other events.  

**PLEASE NOTE! We are not promoting “you’ll make it to a million, and it’s going to be easy” and frankly events that promise that are just plain wrong. There is no hype, no overpromise, no BS - just what works.  

Should I bring my assistant or business manager?  

Yes! Team is a big part of the roadmap we'll be talking about and being on the same page with the person who is at your side helping you build the business is incredibly helpful. Also, our team leaders will be on hand to talk peer-to-peer to your teams. They will also be sharing best practices so that you’ll save valuable time and money.  

What should I plan to bring with me?  

Passion. Enthusiasm. An open mind ready to absorb all the information we'll be sending your way!

In addition, you can bring whatever tool you like to take notes (laptops, iPads, good old fashioned pen and paper). We’ll provide many bonuses including a 90 Day action planning tool and Jane’s Wealthy Speaker Daily Success Planner and Journal.  

How should I dress?  

Dress for this event is business casual and layers (it is Minneapolis in November!). Meeting rooms often get cold, so be prepared. Also, if you'd like, bring work out clothes as we (based on interest) will provide an early morning yoga session, part of Ryan’s daily success practices.  

Should I book at the JW Marriott?  

You can book at any hotel, but staying on site will allow you to be truly present for this event. We have secured a great price for this high-end hotel and have reserved plenty of rooms, so take advantage. 

Are you offering any VIP coupons or early bird discounts?  

We’ve priced this program so reasonably, that we know the value far exceeds the investment. Therefore, we have no VIP pricing, no early birds, just one price for everyone so that no one feels any less valued at this event.  

How should I prepare for this event?  

Take time to sit down and write out your 5 year vision. What does your business and a perfect day in your life look like in 5 years if everything that you desire comes to pass? How do you spend your time (delivering what types of programs or services)? Where do you travel? Who are you with? How do your clients treat you? What fees do you earn?  

Write it down as if it’s already happened. During our time together at ACC17, keep a separate “to do” list and at the end of the weekend, we’ll have you map out those “to do’s" to your 90 Day action plan.