If it Ain’t Broke, Should You Break it?

By Jane Atkinson

I’m in the process right now of deciding whether or not to revamp my website. It’s been around for a few years and has served me well.

So what’s the problem?

  1. Many people tell me that they love my existing site, so I can easily move into fear when it comes to changing. What if this one isn’t as good?
  2. I get good traffic and I don’t want to mess with something that’s working. I own a few search terms organically and that’s hard to come by.

But the bottom line is that we need to push ourselves to get to the next level in our business. And I have to remember my motto…”most decisions based on fear are wrong”.

So what are you reluctant to shake up in your business?

What have you been putting off?

How much is fear driving your decisions?

I hope you’ll think about these things and push past some of your obstacles to take your business to the next level.

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