Are Bureaus “Just Not That Into You”?

By Jane Atkinson

speaker-01He’s just not that into you.

A phrase first made famous by Sex in the City, turned book, now very popular movie.

The reason for its success?  It allows you not to take it personally when someone rejects you.

The same goes for speakers bureaus.

You should not take it personally when they don’t book you or want your marketing materials. It may not be about you at all. Perhaps you have a topic that they don’t require, perhaps they have too many speakers already and can’t give you their attention.

Here are just a few basics about working with bureaus:

1. A bureau will not launch your career – you need to do that yourself.

2. Always ask before sending your materials to them and write “as requested” on the package or e-mail. Don’t sign them up to your newsletter list unless requested.

3. Don’t call them during their prime selling hours (they typically make client calls during the morning and do follow up and proposals in the afternoon). Don’t call them on their 800 line and keep it brief.

4. Wait until your fee is over $3,500 and you have a demo video that rocks before thinking about bureaus. (You never want your first impression to be a ‘so-so’ video).

5. The best way to get your foot in the door is by client referral or if the client requests you. (You can always make that happen by handing over a deal with the client’s approval).

Bottom line, go out and get that business yourself and you’ll find that bureaus will become more interested if they start losing business to you.

PS: To read a full section on bureaus, check out Chapter 6 in The Wealthy Speaker. Need a copy?

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