Are you a Member of the “Sales is Icky” Club?

By Jane Atkinson

I don’t know how to sell myself’,

‘I’m no good at sales’,

‘I’d much rather have someone else talk about me
than talk about myself’…..

All common things that I hear from speakers. Are
you a member of that club? If so, you can relax.

Selling yourself as a speaker doesn’t have to be a
burden. There is a way of going about it that
will allow you to approach the situation with more
confidence and less stress.

In ‘The Wealthy Speaker’, I call it ‘matching’.

When you pick up the phone to call on a
prospective client, you want to have two things in

1. Be clear on the value that you are offering
(have a bullet point list in front of you).

2. Be clear on what type of audience and client
is perfect for you.

Then, when you start dialing, you set the
intention that you are making a call to inquire
whether or not this client’s needs meet the value
and solutions that you offer.

When the client’s needs match your offering,
you’re in business. If they do not, you move on
to the next client.

Not taking rejection personally is tough for
speakers. But guess what, it ain’t about you!
Whatever you are offering may not be right for
this year, but may be perfect for another year, so
bow out gracefully and schedule a follow up.

In the book ‘Attracting Perfect Customers’, the
authors have you create the vision that you are a
lighthouse. The idea is that you stand tall in
the value and expertise that you offer.

When you’re on land shining your beam out to the
world, the clients that need your services (or
boats who need help getting safely to shore) will
follow the light. Well imagine if the lighthouse
sprouts arms and legs and starts running up and
down the beach yelling,’follow me everybody,
follow me!’ It smacks of desperation and the
value that you offer is diminished.

The bottom line is that when you approach a client
to see if your services match their needs, you are
not trying to ‘sell’ them something, but you are
allowing them to see if the value that you bring
to the table matches their needs.

Stand tall as the lighthouse! With some consistent
marketing, the clients who need you, will find
you. You’ll then be able to give up your
membership in the ‘sales is icky’ club.

Happy shining,

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