Are You Asking for the Business?

By Jane Atkinson


Whether it be from the platform, or in follow up with clients, most of us are lousy at asking for the business.

And, if you were to do a quick calculation, you’d see the cost.

Just imagine if every audience could provide spin off to 3 more engagements….

And if each of those audiences held 3 more engagements…. and so on.

And you didn’t ask for the business from the first audience…. yikes, that’s alot of business lost!

So here’s my suggestion from the platform – refer to page 133 of The Wealthy Speaker Kudos to Thom Winniger for this tip 18+ years ago.

Right before you begin your closing story, you stop and say “as you can see I am passionate about (your topic). If you know of any group or association who could benefit from this material, please come and hand me your business card after the presentation”.

That’s it. Two lines and you go on to deliver your awesome closing story.

Why does this work?

1. Because people generally want to help but they usually don’t know how to help. You are guiding them specifically on what to do.

2. If you have done a good job*, then they probably want an excuse to come and talk to you.

* If you ask every time and still do not get the business, your speech may need work.

Asking for the business is the #1 way to build momentum. I hope this will be the kick in the butt you need to do it!

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