Are you distracting your prospects?

By Jane Atkinson

Social networking and internet concept crosswordRecently, I decided to take most of the social media logos off of my website.

You see, I don’t want to drive people away from my site (over to Facebook, LinkedIn, etc) I want to keep them with me until they take the desired action.

In an effort to be deemed current, I think we all jumped on the social media bandwagon. But did we do it with strategy?

Remember that old saying a confused buyer never buys? Well, a distracted buyer won’t buy either. He or she will hop on that social media train and will be off your site faster than you can say ‘YouTube’.

So we have to work hard to keep people engaged with our website from whatever page they come in on, right through to the desire outcome.

Now the argument could be made that if they are linked to you on a social site that they may find there way back to your site again, perhaps.

Or maybe we lead them to our social sites through other means?

How about through our eTips or our blog for example?  I’m not saying which way is right for you, just to give your social media strategy some thought before placing those live links on your site. And keep your prospects around until they take the action that you desire.

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