Are you running your business, or is it running you?

By Jane Atkinson

I’m getting married this weekend. Right now,
aside from being excited, I’m especially
grateful for the benefits of being an

From the start of my business more than
6 years ago, I decided that I was going to do
things based on what was perfect for me. It
helped that I had just gone through a class
given by the authors of ‘Attracting Your
Perfect Customers’.

What I learned from Jan & Stacy was that it
was okay to set your business up according to
what you desire. I thought ‘Really? I can
ask for what I want?? What a concept!’

They said that your perfect clients will not
only understand, they’ll appreciate it. So I
decided I would only do coaching between the
hours of 11am and 3pm and that I would take
every Friday off. I was also determined to
keep it simple. When my book came out I
hired a fulfillment house to handle all
product orders without my involvement.

Right now, as I leave for 2 weeks vacation,
without a worry, I am happy to report that my
plan is working!

So let’s check to see how well you’re running
your business – here are a few questions:

What does your perfect day look like? How
often do you have a perfect day?

How often are you bending over backwards to
accomodate clients and put yourself into a
win-lose situation?

How well do you have your business set up to
run without you? Do you need to put support
people in place?

How many services do you offer that you don’t

Do you sometimes negotiate your fees and feel
bad about it later?

How often does business get in the way of
down time or vacations?

If you’re not running your business the way
you want, it may be time to make some
changes. Otherwise, what’s the point of
being an entrepreneur?

I hope that while I’m away on my honeymoon
(without phones or computers 🙂 you’ll be
analyzing your business and deciding to make
some changes. Or maybe you’ll pat yourself
on the back knowing that you are running your
business exactly the way you like!

All the best,

ps: If you’d like to pick up a copy of
Attracting Your Perfect Customers or take the
Attraction Class – here is the link: