Are You Taking Advantage of Your eStatus?

By Jane Atkinson

Are you taking advantage of your eStatus?

My friend Tina, a fellow entrepreneur, had a rough
week. She had not received a large contract that
she was counting on. Her business is new and she
has been working her butt off for months.

After her disappointing call, she decided to take
the next day off and during her day of pampering
and yoga she had an epiphany. She realized that
she had been so focused on the business, that she
was forgetting to enjoy the fact that she was an
entrepreneur living her dream. No more 9 to 5, no
more 30 minute commute, no more crazy boss, no
more wearing pantyhose.

Tina was taking her eStatus (entrepreneur status)
for granted.

Have you ever lost yourself in your business and
forgotten to smell the roses of being self

Sure, there are some headaches and
responsibilities that come along with your own
business BUT the payoffs are most gratifying.

For me, it comes in the form of Fridays. I take
most Friday’s off. That’s how I remind myself
that I’m running my business, not the other way

Here are a few questions to see if you are taking
advantage of your eStatus:

1. What does your perfect business day look like?
How often are you having them?

2. How many ‘goof off’ days will you take this
year? Shep Hyken calls them ‘work free’ days and
where his goal used to be to speak 100 times per
year, now his goal is 150 ‘work free’ days per

3. How often are you taking advantage of the fact
that you work for yourself? This might come in
the form of scheduling a massage in the middle of
a workday, or doing something spontaneous with
your loved ones. My Dad is turning 80 this year
and when he called on a weekday afternoon to go
for maple syrup in the country, I said ‘sure’.

We can work ‘in’ our business, we can work ‘on’
our business, or we can simply take time ‘away’
from our business. Chances are, the break will do
us good!

Happy Break!

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