Are you turning your clients off with your voice message?

By Jane Atkinson

I’m in the middle of a move of home and
office, so here’s a quick, bite size,
tip for you….

I returned a call to a speaker last week
and got his voice mail. What I heard
was disturbing.

‘Thank you for calling me, Joe Speaker,
I can help make your meeting memorable
cause I’m a really great speaker…..
blah, blah, blah, blah.’

I had to listen to 3 minutes of a sales
pitch before leaving my message! Yuck!

My question to you is this, when you are
putting your outbound message on your
office voice mail, are you setting
yourself up as an expert, or a speaker?

What are your clients hearing?

Remember what Brian Palmer of National
Speakers Bureau said in ‘The Wealthy
Speaker’, ‘clients no longer want to
hire speakers, they want to hire smart
people who happen to speak’.

Everything you do should be focused on
the value you deliver to your clients.
How you do it and the delivery channel
(in this case speaking) is secondary.

Personally, I like a voice mail to be
short and sweet – I don’t have time to
listen to 3 minutes of hoopla – and
chances are your clients don’t either.

Happy weekend everyone!

ps: If you want to know more about
positioning as an expert, pick up your
copy of ‘The Wealthy Speaker’ today,
here’s the link.