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[Podcast] Assembling an Epic Keynote with Patricia Fripp

Assembling an Epic Keynote with Patricia Fripp

Putting together a great keynote is a fine art. A good keynote likely weaves together elements of storytelling and dialog, much like a good Hollywood movie. Few people have a better handle on the art of keynotes than Hall of Fame speaker, Patricia Fripp. Patricia joins us for an information-packed episode on how to put together an epic keynote that will capture the audience’s attention and stay with them long after you’ve left the stage.

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Show Notes:

[1:27] What is the difference between a keynote and training?

[3:07] What is the quickest, most effective way to design a keynote?

[4:48] Keynotes have 3 main ingredients.

[9:26] Start with a high, end on a high.

[10:48] Patricia makes some interesting connections between a good keynote and a good Hollywood movie.

[14:40] How can we make our keynotes more memorable?

[18:30] It’s great to ask yourself “what are the skeptics thinking?”

[19:32] What is the best way to write a good closing?

[20:23] What is L.W.L?

[21:50] If a keynote has 3 main points, how do you go about constructing each of those points?

[27:12] If you’re going to start with a quotation, make it something the audience hasn’t heard before.

[30:56] Where is the start of the story, what happens, and what is the happy ever-after?

[31:59] Use dialog in your keynotes.

[37:18] The details can really sell your story.

[45:17] A speech is like a conversation…with more drama.

[46:23] If you’re telling your own story, can you still make other people the heroes?

[48:09] Can video clips supplement your main point in a keynote?

[52:03] Variety, variety, variety!

[52:51] How can you get booked again, again, and again?

[56:15] What are some of the biggest mistakes we make in building a keynote?

[58:09] How can you sell more from the back of the room?

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