Becoming a Wealthy Speaker Requires “Picking a Lane”

By Jane Atkinson

Imagine you are someone who hires speakers and you are looking for a speaker to talk about leadership. You start looking online and you find four speakers who do leadership plus several other topics. Then someone recommends a speaker who wrote the book on leadership and delivers only that topic.

Who would you pick? The jack of all trades or the master of one? Of course you want the best for your group, the expert, the guru. As a speaker it is possible to offer services on a few related topics and perform well. But as a Wealthy Speaker, you want to be the expert — the one meeting planners call upon for a speech on that topic. So you need to focus your attention and talents on one topic area.

My friend Joe Calloway calls this “picking a lane.”

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One expertise, one set of speech materials — or even one speech (customized, of course) — under the same umbrella. If you want to be the recognized expert — the one that meeting planners call upon when they need a speaker on that topic — you need to bring all your skill and energy to that topic. You must pick a lane.

For those of you who have picked a lane or changed lanes, what has been the benefit?  Please share in the blog comments below.

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