Best Speaker Video Contest, enter now!

By Jane Atkinson

Last year about this time, we ran a contest to find the best speaking expert’s website.Team of business colleagues at seminar

I was overwhelmed by the response. If you missed it…

Well, this year I’m on the hunt for the best speaker video.

We’ll be reviewing videos in search for:

1. First 45 seconds – how well you capture our attention

2. Quality of presentation content (storytelling, humor, message, etc)

3. Stage presence -how well you command the stage

4. Relevence – Is your information current and useful

5. Unique – Are you showing us something we may not have seen before.

TO ENTER: Please post a link to a video (any length) on below under “Speak Your Mind”.

NOTE: The panel will ONLY REVIEW THE FIRST 5 MINUTES of your video.

CONTEST CLOSES: October 31, 2010

Panel includes: Me – Jane Atkinson

Joe Calloway – speaker extraordinaire

Robin Creasman – speech coach and video producer