Are you Connecting with Your Audience?

By Jane Atkinson

What are the best methods for connecting with your audience?

Being real with your audience, being flawed, being human and showing up authentic is really the only way to connect with them. If you try to be someone that you’re not, it may not work. Audiences can sense inauthenticity no matter what your words say.

What you want to present is the best version of yourself. Powerful, yet humble; smart, yet approachable. If you try to put yourself up on a pedestal, people will not relate to you.

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When I worked with publishing magnate, Peter Legge, in Vancouver, we were sometimes flying around in private jets and helicopters. He was a man of influence who was held in high esteem in the community and the country, but I would encourage him to tell the stories about when he was just starting his magazine empire and would clean the toilets himself. That story shows people that he didn’t land at the top of the mountain; that he climbed up there one step at a time. Sometimes speakers tend to gloss over the hardship, which is often the most relatable part of the story for the audience.

Remember, what we do for a living is just our job, it doesn’t need to be our identity. You might be on stage receiving a 10,000-person standing ovation and within 24 hours be back home changing dirty diapers. Kids certainly provide a sense of balance! Use them, or your family, or your parents, to stay grounded and be authentic when you show up on stage!

Lastly, when you’re walking the walk of the wealthy speaker with the epic keynote, don’t forget to be you. (For more tips on connecting with your audience, check out The Epic Keynote)

What are some of the best ways to convey authenticity with your audiences? Let us know in the comments below!

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