It’s Back! Best Website Contest

By Jane Atkinson


August 15 is the last day to submit your suggestions for the Best Website Contest. Please add your suggestions below in the blog comments area.

It’s that time again! The best website contest has become one of our most popular blog features. We’re looking for websites that have all of the key marketing components.

Here’s our list:

_0007_ribbon3blankClear promise: We can tell within 15 seconds how you are going to help your prospects.


_0007_ribbon3blankInteresting brand: Does your brand or language pull us in? Is it sticky? (memorable)


_0007_ribbon3blankSimplified: Is your website easy to navigate?


_0007_ribbon3blankExpert Focus: Does your website say “here’s how we can help you” or is it old school and says “hire me, I’m a speaker”.


_0007_ribbon3blankPazow: Does your website have a great vibe or feel that makes us want to do business with you?


_0007_ribbon3blankVideo: Although a strong video isn’t mandatory, it would certainly give you extra


To nominate a website, simply post a comment below with the URL. Tell us why you like this site. It’s okay to nominate your own site. You have until August 15th to summit your nomination. 

We’ll pick the top 6 and then have you vote.

_0007_ribbon3blankP.S. Note my comments after each submission, many of them are universal. Take a look at your own website and ask the question “do I have these things in place?” Of course it’s not one-size-fits-all, take what you want and put it through your own strategy.