Best Website Contest Winners (+ surprise)

By Jane Atkinson
Well, many lessons (several for myself) have unfolded during this year's Best Speaker Website

First, an unexpected youth speaker named Yahya Bakkar
(pronounced Yaya) came off the big winner with 68% of theĀ 
votes, congratulations!!

His website is fresh and energized.  His video used testimonials
brilliantly and was effective, all while being just over
2 minutes. (His market is the YouTube generation, short
video is a must). The video and the website matched in
terms of high quality.

Next, I learned a lesson about Facebook polling. Next time I
will be trying a polling app by Survey Monkey instead of the one I used which was problematic.
(Not all APPs are created equal).

Why did I take it out to Facebook? You may ask. Driving people to my blog for the contest and to
"like" my Facebook page was a part of the strategy.

Here are few tips for your next website:

1.  A website doesn't have to be complicated or flashy to be effective - does your website grab
the attention of your visitor within 15 seconds?  If not, you might lose them.

2.  A strong promise statement (tag line) that speaks to the outcomes of your work is essential. Many
sites in the contest missed the mark on this.

3.  Ensure that your web designer is on board with making your website friendly across all platforms
(iPhone, iPad, various browsers, etc).  Never assume that because it's 2012 that is a given.

4.  Keep in touch with your suppliers every few days so that your project does not get neglected.
The squeaky wheel gets the grease!

And just by coincidence (ha ha), I have MY NEW SITE now ready to launch!

Check it out.  You can be my beta testers and help me work out the bugs.

See you soon Wealthy Speakers!