Best Website Contest is Back!!

By Jane Atkinson

Wow, it was 2009 when we ran our last “Best Speaking Expert Website Contest”.

Times have changed, websites have changed, so it’s time to run it again!

Simply comment below if you’d like to nominate a website.

So what are we looking for?

1. A unique, fresh and original site. One that looks interesting and would pull in a decision maker.

2. Website is outcome oriented. This means that the website is about your clients rather than all about you.* If I visit your website and it says “hire me, I’m a speaker” then you may not be a contender.

* some exception apply i.e.: an entertainer

3. Clear Brand and/or Promise. When visitors view your website, do they understand the outcome(s) of your work very quickly?

Note: Although we’re not making video a criteria, a strong video clip, or demo may give you the competitive edge.

That’s our contest for this year. If you think you qualify, or someone that you know qualifies, place your comment below to nominate a website by adding the link.

See you soon Wealthy Speakers!

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