Best Website Finalists! Come and Vote!

By Jane Atkinson

I’ve been pouring over the Best Speaker Website entries all day and I’m excited that we have such

an amazing group of finalists!

There were many great websites that did not make the cut. Either they were a bit off in their

positioning or just not quite as good as another site. I’m sorry! If you’d like a 2-minute

website feedback via e-mail let me know and I’ll provide it.


I’d like you all to choose the winner.

FIRST: You’ll need to check out all of the finalist websites below, you’ll see just a few

words describing why they were chosen.

SECOND: To vote, go to and

check out our contest and cast your vote.


1. – The right components.

2. – Innovative.

3. – Straight up entertainer.

4. – Hip and modern.

5. – Really strong video.

6. – Beautiful. (try visiting it a second time)

Again, go to to

cast your vote for your favorite site! And feel free to add comments for the finalists to see what

you think. And let’s all remember that we should be viewing these websites thru the eyes of a

decision maker within the person’s market.

See you soon Wealthy Speakers!


PS: If your website needs a marketing makeover, we still have 2 spots left in the Sizzling Summer

Marketing Makeover group. Check it out, we start June 14th, so there is still time!