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[Podcast] Blogging Your Way to More Business with Scott Ginsberg

Scott Ginsberg is a blogging machine who wears a nametag 24-7. Of all the marketing tools in Scott’s arsenal, he credits blogging as the biggest move he has ever made in his business. If you’ve ever thought about using your blog to promote your business, this is where you want to start. Make sure you have your pen and notepad handy because this episode is packed with useful blogging tips.  

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Show Notes:

[1:01] What kind of impact has blogging had on Scott’s speaking career? What are some of the benefits that Scott has seen?

[3:11] Focus is a big part of blogging.

[3:54] “If everyone in the world did exactly what you said, what would the world look like?”

[5:44] Scott talks about the number one reason why he started blogging.

[7:40] If you want to blog, you need to be…S.O.F.A.T.?

[9:21] How important is blog traffic?

[10:30] How can you turn fans into revenue?

[13:39] There are a lot of common excuses for not blogging.

[15:40] At one point Scott’s dog even had a blog.

[16:44] What does Scott’s process and schedule look like?

[18:23] Scott talks about his editorial calendar.

[21:00] Give ‘em the meat, the guts, and the content.

[22:40] If you want to write a bestseller, leave out the parts that people skip.

[23:22] Is there an ideal number of words for a blog post?

[24:47] At the end of every blog, what does Scott include?

[28:32] How do you get exposure for your blog?

[31:07] A couple useful links: technorati.com and alexa.com

[32:46] What are some important elements to add to a blog?

[35:11] Should you write in first or third person?

[36:43] What are some good ways to incorporate your blog into your newsletter?

[37:57] How important is social media for promoting your blog?

[40:13] Tags, categories, and dates are important parts of blog posts.

[42:08] How do RSS feeds work?

[43:48] Does Scott ever repeat content?

[45:47] What are some techniques for using a blog to promote a new speech or book?

[47:40] Monitoring comments…does Scott worry about it?

[50:31] What did Scott do to make great videos?

[56:05] If someone wanted to start a blog from scratch, what are the first steps?

Connect with Scott at hellomynameisscott.com and at nametagscott.com.

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