Get your Book in Print Without Going Broke

By Jane Atkinson

Writing the book can often be the easy part!

Once you have finished your manuscript, the real work begins. Having just run through the process for the 3rd time with The Wealthy Speaker 2.0, I’d like to offer you a few tips:

THE IMPORTANCE OF THE EDITOR. I think the single most important relationship in the process will be between you and your editor. And if you’re lucky like me, you’ll stumble across someone who can manage the entire project for you. It’s like having a general contractor, which is helpful because dealing with bar codes and library of congress stuff may not be in your wheelhouse.

If you don’t click with your editor, the process can be brutal. So the tip is “hire slow, fire fast”.

I adore my editor, Cathy Leek

SUPPLIER RELATIONS. The test of a supplier/author relationship really comes when your project hits a snafu. How they handle it, will tell you whether or not you continue the relationship in the future. My book design company showed their true colors when we had a problem with a print run of my workbook. They weren’t sitting flat and I was embarrassed to sell them. My company, researched a better printer and we ran the entire lot again. I was 100% happy with the new binding.

I adore my book design team at Heidy Lawrence Associates.

WHEN TO SAY “WHEN”. When you get into the editorial process of your book, it’s easy to continue to make changes and never ever want to let your baby leave your hands. But at some point, you just to say “this will be good enough for now”. If you continue to stress about each word, you will never get your book into print. As my buddy Joe says “let it go”!!!

PRE-SELL TO COVER COSTS. A great way to cover some of your up front costs on your book is to offer a pre-order to your fan base. After all, they should be chomping at the bit waiting for your new product if you have been planting seeds for a few months. Thirty days out is a reasonable time frame on your offer and you can give an incentive to purchase up front.

And of course, I must model this for you by offering you an special advance copy price of The Wealthy Speaker 2.0 which is due out on July 20th, just weeks from now! (I couldn’t let this sweet opportunity pass, now could I?)