Brand Part I: Is Your Brand Memorable?

By Jane Atkinson

A brand is a concept or idea that helps to distinguish you from everybody else.

– It may be a personal brand, ie.: Dr. Phil, which may work if you have a large following who know you mostly by name….


– it may be based on your work (my preference) ie: Red Zone Marketing (check out what Mary Beth is doing, she’s really sharp)


A book title might also be a great brand. (ie: 7 Habits, Who Moved My Cheese, Purple Cow, Good to Great). You might not understand the title until you’ve read the subtitle. But a good brand can take on a life of its own.

The brand that I think used to work but no longer does is the “speaker based” brand. i.e.: John Doe, Leadership Speaker. This was effective 5-10 years ago, but as my good friend Brian Palmer of National Speakers Bureau says……

“clients no longer want to hire ‘speakers’, they want to hire smart people who happen to speak”

What’s your brand, and do people remember it?

Stay tuned for part II where we’ll talk about exploiting your brand.

See you soon Wealthy Speakers!

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