Can’t Sell Your Way Out of a Paper Bag?

By Jane Atkinson

We are constantly working to try to make our phone
ring. We build websites, demo videos, write
articles, run mail campaigns, do free speeches,
etc., to get clients to our door.

But when they get there, do we close the sale
every time? How about 50% of the time?

Many speakers suffer from the inability to sell
themselves. They might not be clear on the value
they offer or have a hard time communicating it
when put on the spot.

Some speakers have a mental block around ‘sales’.
They’d much rather have someone else selling for
them because they lack confidence. But the bottom
line is that if you don’t know how to close the
deal, it’s going to be hard to train someone else
to do it for you.

You’ve probably heard me talk about using
attraction strategies to gain clients, but having
some sales skills will serve you well.

Here are a few quick tips that will help sharpen
your skills:

1. Write down some of the key ideas that you
would want to convey while talking to a client and
post them on your bulletin board for easy

2. Practice role playing with a friend or
colleague so that you’ll be less tongue tied when
a prospect calls.

3. Focus on building relationships rather than
‘selling’. By putting your thoughts on the needs
of the client, you’ll take them off ‘sales’.

4. Try to meet face-to-face with clients when
possible. It’s still the best way to build a
relationship and in today’s high tech world, we
might tend to forget.

5. Think beyond one speech. How can you help
your client reach their long term goals?

6. Keep track of your numbers. Knowing how often
you lose a sale and why will help you improve.

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Happy Selling!