Women’s Powerhouse Business Booster

By derek

Are you a female speaker who is ready to be a POWERHOUSE both on the stage and in your business? If you answered ‘Yes’ to that question, then the Women’s Powerhouse Business Booster is the exact program you need to take your speaking business to the next level! Sound like the program might be right for you? Here are some key identifiers of those who will benefit the most from this program: You are someone […]

[WEBINAR] How 5 Successful Speakers Made It Happen

By Jane Atkinson

Do you every wonder how some of the most successful speakers got to where they are today? How did they set themselves apart and catapult past the competition? It’s no secret that building a successful professional speaking business can be tough. But, just as with any other business, if you have the right tools and the right strategies, you can make it happen. It’s this knowledge that will set you apart – and we’re going […]