Do You “Own Your Podium”?

By Jane Atkinson

Olympic_goldIn case you’ve been living under a rock, the 2010 Olympics just wrapped up in Vancouver.

Team Canada’s theme was “Own The Podium”. Now, I wasn’t 100% in favor of that message as I thought an athlete’s journey was important too, but in the end it was effective. 14 golds, woo hoo!

As speakers, we need to own our podium. By this I mean stage or platform or even the room. The minute you enter the room, you should be “on” and in full swagger. And when you step on the stage, it should be with 100% confidence. Be bold!

Does that mean we should become something we’re not?

No way.An audience can spot a fake a mile away.

It means that we should be THE best, THE most powerful version of ourselves.

A self-assured speaker conveys that vibe to the audience and it puts them at ease.

One sure fire way to gain confidence is to know your stuff. That one helps me every time I speak at a CAPS or NSA Chapter.

I know a few colleagues that after 20 years still get nervous. But you would NEVER know it when they walk onto the stage. They ooooze confidence.

Next time you enter your meeting room, tell yourself “I’m owning this podium!”

See you soon Wealthy Speakers!

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