Do You Own Your Word?

By Jane Atkinson

Our industry lost a great speaker (and great person) this week.Keith-Harrell-2sm

Keith Harrell was a speaker who was admired and respected by many.

And his career was fascinating to watch.

Keith Harrell owned a word.

His word was Attitude.

About 15 years ago, I thought attitude was too soft of a topic to base an entire career on. You could say I had a bad attitude about “attitude”.

But Keith did exactly that. He built his entire career on one little 8 letter word. The Wall St. Journal was so intrigued that they wrote a full page about him. And because he combined that focus with his super fantastic talent, his fees went far beyond average.

Keith would want us to keep on learning, so….

Do you own a word? When people think about you, do they associate you with one thing?

A few more examples:

Vince Poscente: Speed
Mark Sanborn: Fred
Michael Gerber: eMyth
Mary Beth Kuzmeski: Red Zone

It’s not necessary for it to only be one word, but owning a word or words is definitely something for all of us to ponder.

Q. What do you want to be known for 5 years from now?

Want to share your word or words? Comment below

See you soon WEALTHY SPEAKERS (my words).

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