Does Your Marketing Need a Flip Flop?

By Jane Atkinson

Quite often I’ll google speaker websites to
check out the competition for my clients.  In
today’s competitive climate, it shocks me to
see that many speakers still start out their
home page saying things like ‘John Doe is the
best speaker you’ve ever heard.  Hire John
for your next meeting’.

Yeah right!

As the economy tightens, do you think that
John Doe is the type of speaker that client’s
desire?  I have my doubts.

The marketing flip flip is about putting
the outcomes to the client first, and the
speaker (as the solution to their problem)

Unless you are a celebrity or bestselling
author, your website should probably not be
about you.

It should be about the service and solution
that you offer.  The exception to this would
be speakers like The Passing Zone.  They are
jugglers and are mostly hired at meetings to
entertain.  They might also be better known
than the average speaker, due to a stint on
America’s Got Talent last year.

Take a speaker like Toni Newman for instance.
She’s an innovation expert.  Her website is
about innovation first, Toni second. – check it out
you’ll see what I mean.

Here are a few questions to help you evaluate
your marketing:

1.  When arriving at your website, does the
client know what you will do for them
(outcomes) within the first 30 seconds?

2.  Is the first 1/3 of your home page about
them and their needs rather than you?

3.  Are you positioned as an expert and a
problem solver?  Or as a ‘speaker’?

If you answered ‘no’ to any of these
questions consider doing a marketing flip
flop to switch the order of your home page
copy to be more client and outcome oriented.

It won’t take you too long to do this, and I
believe it will have an impact.  Try it, and
write me back to let me know how it goes.

Happy marketing,

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