Does Your Preview Video Get You the Gig?

By Jane Atkinson

In some cases, the speaker booking process might
look something like this:

1.  The client decides they need a speaker.
2.  If they don’t already have someone in mind,
they shop around online based on the topic or call
a speaker’s bureau for suggestions.
3.  They view all of the speaker’s materials and
preview videos.
4.  They narrow their list and perhaps set up a
phone call with the 3 or so speakers who have made
the short list.
5.  Then they choose the speaker based on fee,
expertise, talent (as displayed on the video), and
the ability of the speaker to meet their needs.

In this scenario, a poor video could mean that you
don’t get past step 3.  You’re out before the
conference call which means you don’t even get
a shot at telling them how you would meet their

If your video keeps you in the running, then it’s
doing the job.

Does your video show how great you are?  If not,
you’ve got some work to do.

For those of you who own ‘The Wealthy Speaker’,
check out Chapter 4, for a full segment on video.
Here’s a link to the book if you need a copy:

We recently did a teleclass with Robin Creasman
called Creating Your Rock Star Preview Video

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