Does Your Speaking Menu Look Delicious?

By Jane Atkinson

Have you ever been to a restaurant where they
matched the food with the wine that they
recommend?  Yum, love that!  And it makes it
easier for you, the customer.

When working with speakers on their websites,
we’ve recently started to match up product ideas
with keynotes and workshops.

By doing this you are adding value for the client
and also increasing your income by selling up.

For instance with a leadership keynote, we
recommended a book called ‘The Authentic Leader’.
Another client had a Safety Keynote that we
matched with a Safety Strategy Guide (workbook).

When you are promoting your services, why not tell
the client exactly how to order off of your menu?
And why not make it delicious?

Here’s my menu of ideas for you, take your pick:

– show your clients exactly how to utilize your
services, ie:  When using Michael to open your
conference with a keynote, consider his ‘Creating
a Championship Team’ breakout to further hit home
the content.

– when mailing out an agreement, always include a
sample of the product that you’d like to see in
the hands of every member of the audience.  Plant
the seeds for volume pricing in your cover letter.

– for those of you who have a Meeting Planners
page on your website, product should be promoted
there as ‘take home’ or ‘turn down’ gifts for your

– during the interview stage, ask your client ‘how
long would you like this message to last?’.  When
they answer ‘as long as possible’ then you can
talk about which product will help provide that

– offer teleclasses, podcasts or webinars as a
follow up to add value for the client and build
some extra into the fee.

– if you have a workbook or companion piece to go
with a breakout session or workshop, offer up a
more customized version for an extra fee.  And
make sure to promote it along with the workshop on
your website.

– use a promo bar on your website so that your add
on items may appear off to the side yet the client
can easily see what you ‘also recommend’.  This
idea works very well for Amazon on the ‘people who
bought this book also bought…’.

– for your online product purchasers use the
‘related products’ feature in your shopping cart
to upsell (if it is available). I’ve just started
using this more and it often adds a nice chunk to
the order.

When you show your clients exactly how to use your
services, you are helping them see the best ways
to utilize you.  You’re also doing business in a
way that works perfectly for you while increasing
your bottom line.

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