Don’t You Just Love a Good Joint Venture?

By Jane Atkinson

About once a week someone asks me if I’ll team up with them in some way, shape or form. And typically, I’ll review the idea, consider it and say “thanks, but I’ll pass.”

I can truly see the value in JV’s (joint ventures) but I’m really protective over you (my list of speakers) and who I get into bed with. My friend Brian Palmer says “when you lie with dogs, you get fleas.”

But something came along this year that I COULD NOT RESIST!!! Joe Calloway and I have talked about doing ” something” together for over 10 years – and this year, 2014, the stars aligned. The timing was brilliant, we match in terms of values (which is super important in JV’s) and it will be a blast!

We’ve re-worked my Wealthy Speaker University Masters Class and I’m excited to unveil to you… drum roll please…

THE MASTERS PLATINUM RETREAT AND MASTERMIND. It’s a 10 month program kicking off in Las Vegas on April 25th.

You’ll have access, not just to Joe and myself over 10 months, but also to Kris Young, a 20 year bureau veteran who’s booked thousands of speakers.

If you are a seasoned speaker, check out these details because I know you won’t want to miss this exciting game changer:

If you don’t yet qualify – will you share the link for us?

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P.S. Got questions? Joe and I will be chattingĀ with each speaker beforehand, just drop us a lineĀ and we’ll schedule a quick call.

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