The Economy’s Mood Swings

By Jane Atkinson

The pendulum idea applies to nearly everything in life.

Sometimes it’s created by a knee-jerk reaction, like in the case of our camping last year.

My husband and I camped in a 2 man tent with our 50 lb dog, rather squishy! This year, the first tent we purchased was meant for 13 people. Oooops way too big, the pendulum swung too far! (Anybody need a tent?)

The pendulum often swings too far in order to correct a negative situation, thus creating another negative situation.

The goal is that it settles back to center (ie: 6 person tent). In the case of the economy and our speaking business, the pendulum still applies.

The pooh hits the fan, the economy breaks down and corporate buyers cancel meetings and stop spending altogether. This knee jerk reaction affects the economy even more because not only are speakers now out of work, hotel employees, airlines, every one working in the meetings industry is now affected and the economy erodes further.

The pendulum swings too far.

But then it starts to right itself. Companies start planning their meetings again. Perhaps more cautiously. Perhaps less extravagantly.

So where does that leave us? Right now the pendulum is heading back to the center from the knee jerk reactions of two years ago.

I’m hearing things like:

“2011 is shaping up to be my best year ever”
“everybody wants a deal but they ARE booking”
“the phone is ringing again”
“just booked multiple dates”
“my Canada and overseas work carried me”

Sometimes all we can do is wait, but while you are waiting there’s an opportunity: to get better, to re-tool, and to build relationships with people who will ultimately become clients.

See you soon Wealthy Speakers!

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