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[Podcast] eSpeakers, What have you done for me lately? With Joe Heaps

Joe Heaps

eSpeakers started years ago as a calendar and event management tool but has since evolved as a digital hub for speakers. Joe Heaps, Chief Marketing Officer for eSpeakers, drops by to talk about some of what’s new and what’s coming soon with eSpeakers. This episode is all about making sure that you get as much as possible out of eSpeakers!

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Show Notes:

[1:45] How has eSpeakers evolved over the years?

[5:59] What is the “Bureau Blast”?

[9:00] eSpeakers has added a lot of layers since its inception.

[10:41] eSpeakers launched “Marketplace” to connect speakers with meeting planners.

[13:29] How many people set up a new profile on eSpeakers and just forget about it?

[15:50] “Meeting planners are used to be able to look online and see if you are available.”

[18:06] Mobile layout for eSpeakers and your website…it’s a big deal!

[19:05] What are some of the new bells and whistles in “Marketplace”?

[22:39] What are some techniques for getting noticed?

[27:51] The number one thing that you need to show meeting planners is….

[29:11] The second biggest thing for meeting planners is….

[36:18] *Need help with some of those eSpeaker online resources.

For more information visit: https://www.espeakers.com

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