Expand Your Speaking Platform: Complimentary Webinar Recording

By Jane Atkinson

The idea of using a new technology for our webinars was a bit scary, so we didn’t tell anybody about the class. Those who saw it on social media signed up and we had a small beta testing group.

I’m happy to report that the “Expand Your Platform” webinar (our first) was one of our best classes. And the technology was no problem.

If you are curious, we’re now using Start Meeting.

Robert Stover shared with us some really great content on how to draw in your fan base and how to nurture them. The material was so rich, I wanted to provide it to you at no cost:

“Expand Your Platform” Dynamite Free Webinar

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Warning: If you are just starting out, some of these ideas might be advanced, but it will give you some direction on where you need to go with your technology, name capture and nurture processes.

Enjoy the class and we’ll see you soon Wealthy Speakers!

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“Expand Your Platform”