Fire, Without Shooting Yourself in the Foot

By Jane Atkinson

mistakeHow is next year going to be different for you?

As we start to wind down for the holidays, you’ll no doubt be thinking about how you want to start off the New Year in your business. And, of course, you want to start it right. Right?

Remember in The Wealthy Speaker, the formula Ready, Aim, Fire?

Ready is – get crystal clear on what you are selling
Aim is – move that clear message out into your marketing
Fire is – roll that out to your target markets.

Many people hit “Fire” without doing the “Ready” and “Aim” work. And by doing this, ultimately, shoot themselves in the foot.

Why? Because you are sending out an unclear message to your market.

So, when 2010 rolls around, my holiday tip for you is to spend some time on Ready and Aim. And then, if you are ready, hit Fire!

With a strong and consistent message, your prospects will keep you top of mind when they are in need of your expertise.

Happy Holidays Everyone!

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