From 0 to 80 Gigs, Really?

By Jane Atkinson

A lot of people ask me if it’s really
possible to go from 0 to 80 engagements in
just a few years and the answer is ‘YES’!

How many people do it?  I’d put it around the
5% mark.

So what does it take to actually get there?

Well, I’m going to give you a formula, but we
also have an upcoming teleclass that will put
you together with someone who has done it
brilliantly in the past 3 years.

Consider these 3 questions when working
towards filling your calendar:

1.  Speech – How talented are you?

Without concrete platform skills, you will
not be able to succeed.  This business is NOT
all about marketing, it’s about speaking.
The people who happen to speak well AND
market well, come out at the top.

(I apologize if I’m beating this point to

2.  Strategy – How well do I ‘stay the
course’ and stick with my strategy?

If you’re the type of speaker who goes into
your office without any goal or list of
actions for moving your business forward
every day, then you are without strategy.

Develop your plan, know your plan, work your
plan and you will be more focused and less
likely to allow distractions to eat up your
entire day.

3.  Focus – When you are clear on what you
are selling, your clients have an easier time
buying. Without that focus, you have no place
to start and you’ll spin your wheels and
waste your precious marketing dollars.  If
you need help picking (or clarifying) your
lane, click here to check out your coaching

4.  Consistency – How consistent is your

When you develop and follow a marketing
calendar, you know that your prospects are
hearing from you on a regular basis.  This
keeps you top-of-mind for when the need for
your expertise arises.

Speech, strategy, focus and consistency are 4
keys to moving in the direction of 0 to 80
engagements per year.

And if you’d like to hear firsthand from
someone who has conquered the speaking
circuit in record time, join us for our next

Monday, November 26th at 2pm Eastern
Moving Quickly From 0 To 100 Gigs Per Year
With guest expert Steve Little.

Here’s the link to find out more