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[Podcast] How to Get Your Book In Print with Robert Mackwood

How to Get Your Book In Print with Robert Mackwood

Are you wondering how to get your book into print? There’s a lot more that goes into publishing a book than the actual writing part. Of course, editing, book design, printing, getting your book into stores, it can be a massive undertaking. Robert Mackwood has spent over 30 years in the publishing business and now helps non-fiction authors as a publishing consultant. Robert offers a wealth of information on taking your book from draft to print and making sure you get the most out of the process.

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Show Notes:

[1:55] Robert has been in the publishing business for a long time. What are some of the big changes that he’s seen in recent years?

[6:43] What should people know before they even start the book?

[9:52] Robert discusses some of the work he does to prepare an author for writing their book.

[17:01] You’ve got your book written in a Word Doc…what’s next? How do you dive into the editing stage?

[19:07] It’s unrealistic to think that you can hand your editor a perfect book.

[20:34] What about the interior design stage? Should you tackle it yourself?

[22:02] It’s an age-old debate: what should the title be? Should it be long or short?

[23:11] Print on demand vs. traditional printing: pros and cons.

[24:50] What kind of expectations should an author have once the book hits the market?

[27:00] Robert busts a few “brick and mortar” book store myths.

[30:46] Being an Amazon Bestseller, does that even matter any more?

[32:51] Bottom line- the book is your brand.

[35:17] Should a new author ever do just an ebook?

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