Give a gig, get a gig

By Jane Atkinson

Paying it forward is not a new concept.

Remember Haley Joel Osment’s character (Trevor) from the movie ‘Pay it Forward’ several years ago? The 11-year old boy inspired thousands with his concept of helping 3 people.

But we all need a reminder every now and again.

Sam Silverstein gave us one during a recent edition of NSA’s Voices of Experience when he talked about a colleague of his dropping a gig in his lap.  There was no arrangement between them, the friend just did him a “solid” by introducing him to a client, which turned into a booking.

So here’s what I’d ask you to do.

Think about a speaking colleague who could use a gift – someone whose talent you know and trust.

Then think about a client that you’ve worked with who might be a good fit for them.

Without any formal agreement with the other speaker, simply pick up the phone or drop the client a line to introduce your friend.  Word of mouth can be so much more powerful when coming from a trusted source.

The idea is that we give without thought of what might return.  That said, if you are a recipient of a gig, I hope you will in turn, give a gig.

If everyone on this list does it, that’s 5000 gigs, just imagine!

Give a gig, get a gig.  Got it?  Good.