Got Credibility?

By Jane Atkinson

I can’t tell you how often I read a speaker’s
bio and think to myself ‘what has this person
done?’  They often leave out some of the most
important pieces of their history.

Is your bio telling the reader (your
prospective client) why they should hire you?

Is your bio full of information that is
‘speaker’ related or ‘expert’ related?

Here’s an example of a ‘speaker related’ bio:

George Smith is a professional speaker who
presents to corporations all over the world
on the topic of time management.  His
powerful stories and useful tips give his
audiences tools that they can use on a daily

(Note – George is fictional).

Here’s an example of an ‘expert bio’ (see the
full bio on page 45 of ‘The Wealthy

Along with his bestselling book ‘Getting Time
on Your Side’, George Smith’s time management
tools have been used throughout corporate
America for more than a decade helping
executives become more productive.  His
weekly column ‘There’s Always Time’ has been
running in business publications in dozens of
cities for the past seven years.  George was
voted Entrepreneur of the Year by the Montana
Business Magazine.

Now maybe you haven’t secured a weekly
column (yet), but here are a few tips to consider
when reviewing your bio:

1.  Does it have a powerful opening line that
catches the reader’s attention?  Or will they
yawn and go back to watching videos on

2.  Does your bio tell the reader what you
did before you became a speaker and how it
relates to your expertise?

3.  Does your bio talk about your current
work with clients, past experience, books,
publications and awards?

4.  Does your bio show the reader that you
are, hands down, the expert that they need?

Now, here’s a sidebar…. if you haven’t done
anything of note, you may be in trouble and
you may need to delay your speaking career. I
would definitely not recommend ‘fudging’ on
your bio!

The bio (and the introduction) are often
overlooked marketing pieces.  I hope you’ll
use these tips to take yours to new heights.

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And thank you to those of you who have
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