Sticking Your Neck Out to Grow Your Business

By Jane Atkinson

It can often be difficult and uncomfortable trying to grow your business – and the greatest discomfort comes when you are taking a risk.

For some of you, that might look like hiring someone to redesign your website when you do not have the cash in the bank. It might be adding a member to your team before you have the confidence that you can support them.

It is a time when you cringe, and perhaps wake up in the middle of the night in a panic, thinking you’ve made a poor decision.

I’ll give you a current example for me. Right now I am promoting an event in late January, the 2016 Accelerate Business Growth Summit and Showcase. January is not the best time to be running an event. People are dealing with the holidays, bills, topping up their IRA’s before the year-end deadline and choosing where to invest their time and money. No doubt some of you wondered “Is she nuts?”

BUT because I wanted this event to kick off the year (we are including a full year of community and coaching for all attendees), I took the risk and went for it anyway. I’ve had one or two moments of doubt, but every time one of those moments arises I use my 3-step process for squashing the self-doubt. It is a simple formula that you can use when you are taking a risk.

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Envision your desired outcome. I imagine people leaving our event and giving me a big hug saying “That was fantastic, I cannot wait to get home to implement my 2016 strategy!” When you consistently visualize a positive outcome, you get all of the laws of attraction working for you. Moreover, you focus on what you want, rather than what you fear.

Run your mental checklist. I run through a checklist of all of the measures that I have in place to create a successful event: all of the interviews I am doing where I can promote the event; all of the associations and people who are sending a promotion out to their list; my amazing suppliers and affiliates who are aiding the effort; and, my dream team of speakers and volunteers who are also helping to pitch the program. When you keep your action list in front of you, it calms you down!

Tap your faith and history. I know that in years past, I have run high ticket events and (although not as quickly as I would have liked) I have typically sold out the event. I have faith in my ability to sell it and faith that somebody “up there” wants me to succeed. When you are in the discomfort of risk, look back at your own history to reassure that “you got this!”

There are ways to mitigate risk – like doing your research, tapping into friends and colleagues for help when making decisions, but ultimately you may have to fly it alone. A part of business growth is knowing that you’ll have some success, and you’ll have some failures. It is all a part of the journey!  You set yourself up, take the right actions, and then step back to let the events unfold.

What will you do to advance your growth this year? Comment on our blog to share.

See you soon Wealthy Speakers!




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